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Accurate Diagnoses Utilizing Digital Radiography & Ultrasound

Vestal Veterinary Hospital and Emergency Clinic uses the latest and greatest in digital radiology and ultrasound imaging. With these advanced technologies, we can identify and diagnose your pet sooner than ever before.

Our staff with a canine patient

Digital Radiography

Veterinary radiology, or x-ray, is used to diagnose a potential disease or injury in your pet. Contemporary x-rays expose your animal to small, harmless amounts of radiation for speedy, accurate, and low-cost results. With digital radiology, the x-ray imaging is immediately digitized for display on a computer. This allows for an even clearer and more detailed image. With this kind of state-of-the-art technology, our experts can easily pinpoint tumors or identify bone fractures and work to begin the healing process right away.

Digital radiology is also excellent for your pet’s dental care. This allows us to perform a thorough evaluation of your pet’s dental health and to promptly and accurately address any issues that arise.


Veterinary ultrasound is another imaging technique that allows our veterinarians to study almost all parts of the body, including eyes, tendons, muscles, joints and organs. Our specialists can identify illness or injury with this ultrasound technology in the comfort of our own facilities, putting you and your pet at ease.

Ultrasound is one of the best veterinary technologies because it is painless and does not expose your pet to radiation. Unlike radiology, where only a still photo is produced, ultrasound technology allows us to see different functions of the body as they are happening. These screenings are used to monitor pregnant pets without any harm to a developing fetus, observe intestinal motility (or movement of food), and screen for normal heart function. It can even be used to guide veterinarians during some procedures.

With the incorporation of these modern technologies, Vestal Veterinary Hospital and Emergency Clinic is equipped to handle any health or wellness issues that may arise. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!